Co-Founder of the (European) Blockchain Federation, Irina S. Zimakova, wil be performing a keynote speech on 7 September 2017 at the NPF & Regtech Leaders Forum 2017: the premium gathering for senior executives responsible for compliance and payment strategies. From agile risk management to fraud prevention, this forum focuses on leveraging technology while coping with changing regulations; helping both businesses and institutions to boost compliance and add value by embracing innovative solutions, in payments and beyond.

As an invitation-only forum, each participant is handpicked and attendance is offered only to qualified attendees, ensuring a unique gathering of key industry stakeholders.

Venue this year of the RegTech Leaders Forum is the prestigious Hotel Le Plaza at the Brussel’s city centre.

Bringing together the key market players including Regulators, Compliance and Payments executives with leading solution providers and technology experts in an intimate and dynamic two-day event format; the NPF & Regtech Leaders Forum 2017 captures the current ecosystem by placing technology at the heart of the compliance and payments discussions, to raise industry standards while fostering innovation and strategic collaborations.

Some of the key themes identified as being of particular interest include:
• Regulatory Update: Upcoming regulatory changes, Industry Standards and Regional Harmonisation
• Leveraging the use of technology beyond payments compliance to minimize costs while adding value
• Cooperation among the key stakeholders to raise industry standards while boosting innovation
• The Future of Payments & Compliance from blockchain to machine learning
• Focus on Tech Trends & Innovation: AI, electronic identification and verification (e-ID&V), predictive analytics, robotics, chatbots etc.
• Fintech & FinServ: From Industry Disruption to Strategic Collaborations
• Digital Threats, Fraud Prevention, Financial crime and Cybersecurity
• Real-time transactions, omni-channel integration & cross-border operations
• Customer experience, big data analytics, privacy and consumer rights
• Boosting compliance and payments operations through strategic automation and process optimization
• From Regtech to InsurTech – What’s in IT for your business?

Mrs. Zimakova’s keynote speech will be addressing: Blockchain Focus, Exploring the Disruptive Potential of Blockchain Technology in correlation with PSD2, Fintech, and Smart Contracts

.Similar to the introduction of the Internet, worldwide changes due to Blockchains are far more revolutionary than executives are willing to believe. As a secure decentralized system for P2P transactions, blockchain allows to cut out the middle-man; thus representing both a major threat for traditional transaction procedures and a unique opportunity for those able to handle the implementations and the inevitable transformations deriving from the blockchain disruption. While the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and IoT solutions all have become reality very rapidly; new ventures and spin-off technologies are arising almost every day. As Charles Darwin put it: “It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change” and through this session, this expert will focus on:

• Introducing the European Blockchain Federation & the European Fintech Federation
• Emphasizing on the disruptive potential of blockchain and its implications for the financial services sectors from traditional banking to payments compliance
• Providing an update on the regulatory context in Europe and the future ahead for blockchain enthusiasts.

Other top speakers included are: Christian Visti Larsen, David Gyori, Peter Oakes, Fabrizio Villani, Nirvana Farhadi, Robert Pritchard, John Karantzis, Gert Heynderickx, Francisco Tur Hartmann, Megan Caywood, Tony Craddock, Andrew Zimine, Elliot Burgess, Dr. Subas Roy, Pascale-Marie Brien, Marc-Elie Caspar, and Tom Butler.

For more details, please visit the event website: NPF & RegTech Leaders Forum 2017