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Hosted by our umbrella organisation Digital Embassy, you and your co-workers will also be appointed Digital Ambassadors while members.
3D Printing Federation   |   Artificial Intelligence Federation   |   Augmented Reality Federation   |   Big Data Federation 
Blockchain Federation   |   Cloud Computing Federation   |   Cryptocurrency Federation   |   Cybersecurity Federation
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Quantum Computing Federation   |   RegTech Federation   |   Robotics Federation   |   Virtual Reality Federation 
Any Federation membership is for two consecutive years. Membership fees are charged annually in advance commencing the month of application.

International Blockchains

Be part of leading Open Source programs standardizing Blockchain, seamlessly integrating digital technology into your company


Smart Contracts

Become aware of vulnerability issues within Smart Contracts to avoid security issues warranting Blockchain’s immutable characteristics


Purpose in practice

Learn how to overcome scalability, speed, migration paths, and how exactly to capitalize the most on private and public Blockchains