International Blockchain Federation founders Eddy Wagenaar and Irina S. Zimakova

Eddy Wagenaar & Irina S. Zimakova

International Blockchain Federation founders Irina S. Zimakova and Eddy Wagenaar (picture left) were asked to write an article about Blockchain in the prestigious journal “Open Access Government”. This very interesting UK-based journal provides a detailed outlook on various sectors, contributors include European Commissioners, government ministers and academics.

In the article they shed a little light on their future vision of the unstoppable Blockchain-based society which will radically transform our current way of life. Also, more details are provided about Digital Embassy, the international union of global digital technologies, and parent organisation of the International Blockchain Federation.

Read all about it: go to page 228 or click the Blockchain tab (3rd from above) for the Blockchain Special in the November 2017 issue of Open Access Government. The Blockchain special also contains contributions from IBM Research, European Commission, Finland’s Ministry if Finance, Swiss re, UN Environment, Ambrosus, Tieto, and more. Foreword by European Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger.

Digital Embassy: the international union of global digital technologies

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Very special thanks to Adjacent Digital Politics editor Jonathan Miles.