Amsterdam, 7 April 2017

Blockchain Federation CEO & Founder Eddy Wagenaar is convinced a digitally connected Europe can be materialized with revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain in a matter of years.

Fully aware of the ending availability of fossil fuels, environmental issues, and the cultural will to stay in the lead, geographical regions around the world such as Asia (China, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.) and MENA (Dubai, UAE, Qatar, etc.) are very keen on shifting rapidly into the digital era, replacing oil or mass-produced products with sustainable high-tech economies. If Europe wishes to maintain its economic ranking, it has no other choice but to continue competing with digital developments.

The Blockchain Federation, the first official European trade association representing the digital asset industry, by nature is very much involved with young entrepreneurs globally active in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts, and Smart Cities. It is part of the Digital Embassy, the umbrella organization for digital technologies worldwide.

Sparring with startup incubators worldwide such as Startupbootcamp, Brightlands Smart Services Campus, and Startup Europe Awards (supported by the European Commission and Members of European Parliament), assistance was needed putting together shooting days for an Italian TV-crew from Mediaset, the largest commercial broadcasting mass media company in Italy. Interviews would be aired on either Italian television and/or TGCOM24 Giovane Europa, a series of shows about young Italian entrepreneurs operating in various European countries.

The mission was to locate and pre-select startup companies in Amsterdam, preferably in the digital scene, having Italian founders and/or co-founders. It was time to show flexibility and perseverance which paid off as the Blockchain Federation management all put it together in just one day.

Welcoming Mediaset’s anchor Alberto Barachini at the Startupbootcamp premises, Kubedesign’s Valentina Tulino proved to a very professional spokeswoman of their cardboard recyclable furniture. The days before, other startups such as Entelligo’s CEO Stefano Peruzzi and Wonderflow’s CEO Riccardo Osti had been interviewed to be starring in the Amsterdam episode of Giovane Europa. The final result includes interviews with Rockstart’s CEO Oscar Kneppers and Member of European Parliament Fabio Massimo Castaldo among others, here you can watch the full version of the Amsterdam episode:

Last but not least, a special thanks to Startupbootcamp’s comms master Eva Bandelj for her refreshing can-do attitude, Giulia Ronchi for coordinating the Amsterdam interviews setup, and in particular Marika Mazzi Boém at X23, the back-stage expert organizer.