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“Taking away the risk from the financial sector and taking it on to the public shoulders is not the right approach”

– Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Left: former Dutch Minister of Finance and President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem
Right: Co-Founder Blockchain Federation & President of Digital Embassy, Irina S. Zimakova

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“We must train ourselves to look through different eyes, different lenses, to understand what’s happening in our world”

– HH Prince Constantijn van Oranje

Left: Co-Founder Blockchain Federation & President Digital Embassy, Irina S. Zimakova
Right: Special Envoy at StartupDelta & Prince of The Netherlands HH Constantijn van Oranje

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“If you fear change due to Blockchain, think of what happened to Kodak. The Digital Revolution, amplified by interconnected digital technologies in  countries ahead of you, is unstoppable.”

– Irina S. Zimakova

Co-Founder Blockchain Federation & President of Digital Embassy

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Are you keen on Retail or Enterprise Blockchain? Do you dream of a Blockchain-based society? Turn ambitions and dreams into actions now! Unity matters when addressing new tech into an unprepared world. Only united into a decentralised majority of kindred spirits Blockchain stands a chance. So join us as a Member and let’s make sure Blockchain becomes the huge success we all wish for.

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in plain English:

a Blockchain is a digital, secure, distributed, and transparent ‘database’ able to record anything of value, cutting out the middleman.

It is basically Bitcoin’s ‘operating system’.

Its peer-to-peer architecture is similar to the Torrent networks created in 2001, downloading movies, music, and books until it got banned…


a Blockchain is a peer-to-peer cryptographically secured, consensus-based decentralized ledger


do I need


Blockchain cuts out the middleman so is dramatically more cost-efficient by default

Your competitors will use Blockchain and when -nof if- this happens, they will outcompete you

Blockchain is the most secure ‘database’ in the world and cannot be tampered with

Following the Internet of Information, Blockchain is ‘Internet of Value’ and as business-critical

Blockchain erases the need for banks, notaries, lawyers, letters of credit, brokers, etc.

The differences in legacy systems are no more since Blockchain is universal

Blockchain is transparent by default, eliminating corruption and any form of dispute

Interconnected to other digital tech, Blockchain is amplified to revolutionary changes

Our mission


Our mission is to connect businesses, governments, and educational institutions to digital assets and related technologies. Facilitating and co-operating with industry leaders, start-ups, investors, EU policymakers, local governments, and regulatory agencies our goal is to unite forces worldwide gaining momentum. Critical part of our mission is to continuously investigate cause, effect, and necessity in order to anticipate future changes in a responsible fashion.

The disruptive nature of digital technologies is strengthened by the lack of timely adaptation into societal architecture in order to effectively integrate it into real life.

The Blockchain Federation attempts to bridge this gap and needs your help to continue doing so.

Our vision


Nothing in life stays the same. It is a fact of life digital technologies are revolutionary changing the way we do business today. Our International Think Thank Circle of European thought leaders confronts digital entrepreneurs with the effects of idealistic views of tomorrow’s world catalyzing change, forcing them to contemplate on unexpected acts of businesses, politics and social-economic implications.

Taking into account regulatory and compliance issues, all parties involved are united, anticipating future changes through Agile-like discussions in order to ensure a hyper-intelligent and smooth transition into the digital era. Through education and providing alternative ways of doing business, legacy businesses are made aware of future changes in order to adapt in time ensuring continuity.


if this doesn’t excite you, nothing will

1. Organizing the global Blockchain community: distributed is grand, united we stand!

2. Accelerating the Blockchain’s current speed to desired levels

3. Aiding to the creation of worldwide universal blockchain standards

4. Providing access to the largest Blockchain network worldwide

5. Representing the interests of the global Blockchain industry

6. Advising current influencers to facilitate p2p technology

7. Lobbying at Gov levels in order to synergize Law & Regulations

8. Guiding startups to be authentic and funded to allow scale-up

9. Facilitating Angel and VC investments in very effective ways

10. Promoting the disruptive peer-to-peer Blockchain infrastructure


If you are not part of the solution…..

11. Expediting any and all recording of value onto the Blockchain

12. Managing digital innovation by anticipating effects on society

13. Ensuring enough new jobs to compensate for the loss or millions

14. Erecting new digital education programs and re-training of adults

15. Generating digital ID and Crypto payments services for refugees

16. Allowing for cross-country interaction through Special Interest Groups

17. Finding more candidates to join our international Circle of Executives

18. Filtering clustered information so you can make informed decisions fast

19. Anticipating societal change due to Smart Contracts, DAO, & DApps

20. Sharing the latest news and developments in international Blockchain


…’re part of the problem. So join us.

Representing the interests of the global Blockchain industry

Strong emphasis on Europe, senior lobbyist powerhouse

2-year Federation Membership warrants commitment and continuity

International tech interest groups & separate executive intelligence network

Working closely with EU policymakers, local governments, and regulatory agencies

Dealing with changes in an Agile-like fashion ensuring a smooth transition into the digital era

Expert knowlegde ensures you receive the required information relevant to you

Thought leaders unite to intelligently anticipate the high-impact loss of jobs following the next decades

Aiding to the creation of worldwide universal blockchain standards

Generating digital ID & crypto payment services for refugees

Founding Members

a brief introduction

Eddy Wagenaar

Eddy Wagenaar

Founder, CEO

Mr. Wagenaar founded the Digital Embassy in 2016, the global umbrella organization for 16 digital federations, presenting the International Blockchain Federation as its flagship whilst presiding all. Evidently, Mr. Wagenaar is a sought-after international Keynote Speaker on Blockchain, ICO’s, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, IoT, and related subjects. Striving to address or solve global issues appealing to most of us, he is also keen on lecturing on Organic Foods, Purpose Economy & Sustainability, Vertical Farming, Global Warming, and Motivational Management.

Irina S. Zimakova

Irina S. Zimakova

Co-Founder, President

Mrs. Zimakova co-founded the Digital Embassy in 2016, the global umbrella organization of the International Blockchain Federation and 15 others, uniting the global digital industry and related stakeholders in Europe and beyond. A social media celebrity, she has held several positions at a number of Dutch Financials including ABN AMRO, Obvion Mortgages (part of Rabobank), and “de Volksbank” (previously: SNS Bank). She is a frequent Keynote Speaker with a Bachelor Degree in Business Economics and an academic certificate in Cryptocurrencies.

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